Top Reasons To Say Education in Kerala is Better

Kerala is considered one of the most literate states in India. In the beginning, Church Mission Society missionaries played a major role in the betterment of Kerala’s education. They promoted mass education in Kerala. Before the British period, local schools were known as the “Kalaris .”Christian missionaries and British rule are the reason the modern education system was made available in Kerala. It was part of their policy to promote education in Kerala. 

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In the 19th century, there was Archbishop Bernardine Baccinelli introduced a system known as “A school along with every church,” which helped in making education available for both rich and poor. This system is present now also. It also helped in promoting education for girls. After independence, this system became a role model for the Education system in Kerala. There is not only a high literacy rate in Kerala, but among girls also, the literacy rate is high as compared to some states. 

The First School

The first school for girls in Kerala was started by Mother Eliswa. A widow turned nun. Earlier, all of these schools were run by wealthy families and teachers. There was a cultural revolution that happened during the second part of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century in Kerala, in which there was an emphasis on education. Many of the schools and girls’ hostels were started during this period of time only. Newspapers magazines also became famous. This was the history of education in Kerala. 


Now Kerala is known for the highest literacy rate with 100% enrollment of children in both primary and secondary education. According to the data available, there are around 46 lakh students, 16,000 schools, and 1.69 lakh teachers. In Kerala, even the student-teacher ratio and student-school ratio are also desirable. 

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Flagship Program

There was a flagship program for adult education known as Athulyam, which helped Kerala in achieving the universalization of primary education. There is very little obstruction in Kerala’s education system. One of the reasons for this universalization of education in Kerala is the government. In the history of all the governance in Kerala, every government has prioritized education. In 1989 a literacy campaign was started by the Left Front Government, and it is also one of the reasons behind the high literacy rate. Another successful implementation of the program known as PRISM(Promoting Regional Schools to International Standards through Multiple Interventions) resulted in the betterment of the education system. A Whopping amount of allocations were made to develop one school in each assembly segment to international standards. This resulted in the tectonic shift of 2.35 lakh students from private to public schools. 

Education in Kerala is very good. There are students from Kerala on top in every field. There are institutions in Kerala for both primary and higher education, and it gives you many options to study from. One other reason the education system is good in Kerala is that the girl child is celebrated there in some places, so education for girls is also promoted. 


Education for the poor is also easy in Kerala. A child doesn’t have to suffer. The past generation in Kerala is educated, so their generation is also being enrolled to study. People in Kerala are educated enough to know about social equality, which also makes a change. This also has resulted in higher wage rates. There are many aspects and reasons which make Kerala a better state for education. Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen has also written on the Kerala Model of education which represents the attributes of Kerala’s economic and social success.