Top 5 Places For A One-Day Trip In Kerala

Kerala is one of the foremost attractive tourist destinations throughout the year. Kerala is that the perfect place to spend your holiday alone or with loved ones. it’s characterized by a scintillating countryside, its green hills, backwaters and luxurious beaches, dense forests, and picturesque views. Kerala offers several tourist places from coastal towns to mountain stations, each with something unique and native to enjoy.

Lavish tea estates, tranquil winding backwaters, and flavor manors are a few of the provisions that characterize Kerala as perhaps the foremost well-known traveler destination in India. If you’re going for a one-day trip to Kerala, here are a number of the 5 best places that you simply can increase your go-to places.

brown wooden house on lake during daytime

The Backwaters of Alleppey

Alleppey or Alappuzha is the hottest for the incredibly famous backwaters of Kerala. The backwaters are a corporation of salty trenches, streams, and lakes that weave through portions of the territory of Kerala. For other inquisitive explorers, there are a couple of special sanctuaries and temples which enhance the pleasant magnificence of Alleppey.

Fishing nets of Kochi

Kochi is that the social and monetary capital of Kerala. it is a center of vacationer movement and draws in guests from everywhere within the world. From Chinese fishing nets to outlandish zest developments, there is a batch to gaze upon in Kochi. This city may be a mixture of various societies which attempt to persevere through even till date. There’s amazement on all sides of Kochi, simply holding on to be found.


Munnar is viewed together of the foremost excellent travel destinations in Kerala. Arranged on the Western Ghats, Munnar is perhaps the foremost noteworthy maker of tea on the Indian subcontinent. the attitude on undulating slopes because the touch the mists in Munnar revives your psyche and soul. The town is flanked by a restricted fix of the center Eastern Ocean and therefore the Western Ghats on the other side which makes Munnar an unprecedented shake city life. Palm-bordered backwaters, grand cascades, bright seashores, hazy mountains, and spouting streams, Munnar has everything.


Thrissur was beforehand the capital of the Realm of Kochi, nonetheless, presently it’s viewed because of the social capital of Kerala in light of its profound, social, and strict leanings since forever. One can visit a spread of wonderful sanctuaries and temples that become a middle of movement during the bubbly time-frame within the city. When in Thrissur, you ought to attempt the luscious Vellayappam which may be a quiet rice container, a claim to fame of the town.

Tejas Parkandy

Also called Trivandrum, this city is that the capital and doubtless the foremost socially wealthy piece of the state. Trivandrum has played host to an assortment of rulers who have all left behind an imprint over the town. Quick improvement has not thwarted the interesting legacy because of the engineering and therefore the way of life that’s so far exemplified by the town. The Kowdiar Castle, which was already the authority home of the Travancore imperial family, is particularly an absolute necessity to go to within the city.


Kerala is an asylum for voyagers who come here to relax within the salubrious climes, far away from the substantial wilderness. during a state where the geography goes from cool slopes to mild ocean seashores, Kerala may be a welcome sight. you’ll attend these places if you’re going for a one-day trip to Kerala.