Things About The Onam Festival You Didn’t Know

A harvest festival of Kerala, Onam, is very fundamental to the Keralites. The event is generally held in August or September, and people from all around India and the world participate. Onam is celebrated during the harvest season of agricultural production. Onam is a secular agricultural festival that is celebrated by people from all classes and religions. The festival commemorates the mythological King Mahabali’s homecoming, whom Malayalees regard as their King. Every year, the monarch pays a visit to the subjects to check on their well-being. There are so many interesting facts about Onam.

Sadhya and Celebration

The picture of a banana leaf loaded with hot pipping foods comes to mind when Onam is mentioned. There are around 22 to 26 items prepared and served on the green leaf with brown rice and papadum or papad. Desserts include some sweet dishes like Payasam, Sambha, Avial, Parippucurry, and Rasam, etc. the foods are kind of a meal in a feast. 

Onakkodi, the new clothing bought for the celebration, is a must-have for Onam. Getting dressed up in the state’s traditional attire is said to be important for the people’s successful and honest lives under King Mahabali’s faultless reign. Men wear mundu which is the white dhoti with a bar of gold or multicolored border while ladies wear a set saree or a saree that is the white saree with a golden border.

The Decor

Pookalam is a flowery carpet that is produced in various distinct design ideas during the festival’s 10 days. It’s comparable to a rangoli, except instead of color powders, multicolored flowers are used. Folks make it on the ground in the front of their dwellings; Malayalees living outside of Kerala lay Pookalam inside their homes because of space restrictions. Besides Pookalam, Vallam Kali, Pulikkali, Onatthappan, Thumbi Thullal, Onavillu, Kazhchakkula, Athachamayam, and other festivals include a diverse spectrum of traditional components. Because it is claimed that the Asura Kind Mahabali comes into the country and people every now and then, Keralites everywhere in the globe celebrate Onam on this day.

This day features a wide variety of traditional dance genres. Among the most renowned are Tiger Dance and Kaikottikali. The major celebrations include boat racing known as Vallamkali. Onam is known for its snake boat racing. Approximately thousands of oarsmen sing and dance as they paddle enormous serpent boats. It’s worth taking a look at. Kerala women do exquisite dances to Malayalam music while enjoying the event.


Several traditional games, including Attakalam, Kayyankali, Kutukutu, Talappanthukali, and Ambeyyal, are also performed during the Onam celebration. Due to the physical characteristics of these games, they are currently only played by a few people and are practically a lost art in cities. Ambeyyal is a shooting game, Kutukutu is a Kerala variant of Kabaddi, and Talappanthukali is a ball game, whilst Attakakamare and Kayyankali are fighting games that are violent in character.


Onam is a secular festival that is commemorated by people of various communities and groups, unlike the other festival events. Onam is a holiday that draws people together by bringing them together in the same manner of celebration.