Safe Tourist Places For Solo Travelers In Kerala

Do you enjoy your own company more than being with others? And are you planning for a solo trip? Kerala is undoubtedly one of the beautiful places in India as well as it is safe. There is a reason for calling Kerala one of the safest places in India because year on year Kerala is ranked as the best state in India for its law and order. Kerala is a very safe place to roam around because the people of that state are literate and friendly to the tourists. 

So, if you are planning to spend some quality time with yourself, then here you will get some recommendations regarding some safe tourist places for solo travelers in Kerala.

green palm trees near body of water during daytime

Varkala Beach

Solo trips are meant to be peaceful, because when you are with no one that means there will be no disturbance, but unlike Mumbai beaches, Varkala beach is a perfect example of a peaceful beach. When you are in Kerala, Varkala beach will give you a soothing, peaceful, and refreshing feeling while walking on the sandy beach. Varkala beach is one of those beaches in Kerala that are ideal for solitary and lone wanderers. It is a perfect place for those who want to think and enjoy life in a peaceful environment without any worries.


Kochi is a city of Kerala and it is an obvious destination for tourists. Kochi is the busiest place because this city is connected to all the cities in Kerala and travelers visit Kochi. Kochi is not only connected to the cities of Kerala but it is also connected to the neighboring states. The city is full of organized events and shopping malls so you do not need to plan anything to go to the city. It is a perfect place to either start your journey or else you can end your solo trip with this city. 


Kuttanad is another tourist place in Kerala that connects you to nature. Kuttanad is a land where cultivation takes place at its best level. Kuttanad is known as the rice bowl of Kerala. In Kuttanad wherever you look, you will find green paddy cultivation and coconut tree. Everywhere you will find paddy farming and even below sea level. The people of this village are very simple and loving, their main working area is cultivation. Therefore, it is very safe and comfortable for travelers. So, if you are on a solo trip in Kerala then definitely visit Kuttanad to get into the rice bowl of Kerala.   

green grass field near houses under blue sky during daytime


For solo travelers, Munnar can be considered a paradise to explore. It is another destination situated in Kerala which is famous for the entrancing waterfalls and the magnificent valleys and mountains. It is the best place for you for tea plucking in the tea plantations as well as this place has an aromatic flavor in the air of the fresh tea. Not only aromatic air but here you will get legally valid exclusive resorts that will make sure that you have a safe stay at Munnar.