Post Pandemic Strategies To Boost Kerala Tourism

Kerala “The Travel God” is now recovering the happened losses during the pandemic period. Some major out-of-the-box initiatives and strong strategies will surely help the tourism sector of Kerala to come out completely from the hard hits. The tourism department is now considering a few keys takes seriously and some proposed plans will surely help it out.

Coronavirus News Highlights: Kerala reports 31,265 cases; night curfew to  be imposed from Monday, says CM Pinarayi Vijayan - The Financial Express

Travel Guardian

The referred authorities must have to plan the upcoming things in such a way that it will protect the upcoming visitors completely as a guardian of a family does whenever any misshapen occur in the families. They have to increase the local separate official monitoring bodies as the travelers can go anywhere and whenever they will look for help, a helping hand must be there always. A dedicated web portal must be activated which encourages the local traveling activities also. Some shortlisted positive gestures in form of the reviews and short videos must be published which also can contain nice initiatives taken by the tourism department during the pandemic. It will surely increase the interest level of prospects. The covid-warriors supporting acts must be showcase in a proper way that will surely able to realize the upcoming travelers that they don’t need to worry about any accidental cases, official authorities are always there for any kind of help. Some reliable information must be circulated on a daily basis to strengthen the relations. 

Market Hitting

The strategies and action plans must be present there which will encourage tourism. The youth segment must be targeted in a good manner as they are always ready to explore new things. The advertising budget also must be furnished for the post covid scenario in such a way that it focuses more on the local and nearby markets. The advertisement contains impactful matter must be showcase must be cover the blogs and vlogs properly as some sure-shot bookings can come from there. Art like cinematography can be good in engaging the prospects through the web portals as the prospects will surely want to react by following/ sharing the beautifully presented content. The different business owners can utilize the power of social media portals to showcase the different products. They also have an option to go for the podcast, broadcast for engaging interactions.

Take Of Initiatives

To offer the rebooking option in place of cancellations can be a game-changer. Different vouchers must be offered to travelers by focusing the money-back guarantee scheme will surely attract them. The improvement in hygiene and sanitation must be kept in my mind as mostly will look for it. There must be all-time availability of health works to win the trust of upcoming travelers. The involvement of artificial intelligence in the order-taking and serving process in a restaurant can also have a big possibility to increase travel engagement. The travel package must contain a combination of wellness and travel safety for the prospects. 

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The shared key points tell itself that it’s not a big deal to come out from a misshapen if strong plans are present to re-boom the market.