JAVA JSP upload image and show it in JSP page

This project is continuation of my previous video JAVA JSP file upload example

In this video I have shown how you can host a project in tomcat server. Then you can upload a image and show the image on the JSP page.

1. Project Structure

The project needs 2 jar files. The jar files should be added in to lib inside the web-inf.

2. index.jsp

The index.jsp page has the form to submit the image to the FileUploadHandler servlet. servlet will save the file in the path specified. Please note that the path I specified here is the path of installation file of my tomcat server.

4.Now the project is exported as WAR file from the eclipse IDE
You can export the project by right clicking on the project and select Export > WAR file.

5.Now login in Tomcat Web Application Manager, The screen shot shown below.

6.Now Deploy the WAR file of the project by selecting .

7.Once the project is Deployed, You can open the project from the Applications section and try uploading the image

8.Download the complete project here