Caravan Tourism in Kerala – An Overview

A covered vehicle like a wagon or a procession of vehicles is known as a caravan. It has some different meanings. Sometimes it can be used for a large group of people who are traveling in one long line together or for a camper that has a living area in a vehicle. Pilgrims in history were used to traveling like this. 

white and orange van on gray asphalt road during daytime

Caravan Tourism

Traveling is getting more advanced day by day. Travelers want to enjoy their trips with proper sanitation and hygiene and have a hassle-free travel experience. Caravans are considered to be a good option when you want to experience a good road trip. You stay in your van. It becomes like a home to you for the duration of time you are traveling. It helps you in avoiding the hassle of flying, accommodation, safety, and local transportation.

Caravan Tourism in Kerala

In the beginning, Kerala was famous for its houseboat tourism, and the tourism industry has gained so much because of this. So now the Department of Tourism of Kerala has introduced a new type of tourism which is known as Keravan Kerala (caravan tourism). The main motive of the introduction of this concept is to enhance the potential and attractiveness of Kerala as a tourism destination. 

Due to the pandemic, the idea of traveling without coming into contact with anyone seems reasonable to travelers. So the Government of Kerala decided to announce a comprehensive, stakeholder-friendly Caravan Tourism Policy. It promises the visitors a safe and close-to-nature experience. 

The Right Framework 

A proper framework is laid down for the development and encouragement of Caravan Tourism. Predominantly it is going to be private from the procurement of caravans to the establishment of caravan parks. The caravan tourism policy is unique. Traveling through a caravan is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for everyone. It gives you the chance to get involved in the luxury of caravans and enjoy Village Life Experience (VLE) packages which are powered by Kerala Responsible Tourism Mission. Visitors can explore the places which are not that famous but are very alluring. This initiative is taken to make tourism sustainable. Keravan Kerala has given the investors a very big opportunity to build and operate specially built caravans for travel. Making caravan parks available in the state will help in attracting more tourists to spend their time and explore. 

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Features For Tourism

Kerala is a beautiful place, and Caravan Tourism will only attract more visitors because it will give them a chance to have the pleasure of exploring beautiful places and have a personal and customized experience. Traveling through a caravan gives you the chance to travel with utmost safety, security, and hygiene as it involves the least human contact with anyone. The privacy and security which is given by Caravans will give a chance to couples and families to travel at their own pace who want a peaceful vacation.

Keravan Kerala gives you the opportunity to explore the unmatched beauty of God’s Own Country. Exploring and traveling in peace and quiet is what most travelers want, and the Department of Tourism of Kerala is giving that chance. Kerala Tourism, BharatBenz, and Autobahn Trucking have launched luxury caravans in which 2-4 people can fit. 


All comforts are built in it like air conditioning, kitchen, washroom, and spacious double-bunk bedroom. Specialized parks for parking caravans in Kerala are to be located in natural settings. They will be open 24X7 and will be designed in a way that will make the travelers feel safe. It can be a good opportunity for Kerala Tourism to succeed more.