Budget-Friendly Travel Ideas To Kerala

Everyone loves traveling. It’s a great way of getting refreshed and to get away from all the chaos of their life. What can be more fun? Traveling within budget and enjoying to the fullest without worrying about the cost is possible. There are many ways to travel within a budget and a great way of not sacrificing your fun because of the money. 

aerial view of green trees beside body of water during daytime

Why Kerala?

Kerala is a beautiful place. Many tourists from across India and even the world come here to explore this beauty. It is a heaven on earth, and the serene waterfalls and sunsets can make people’s souls happy. They can travel to Kerala on a budget also. They don’t have to spend lots of money to enjoy Kerala. 

Some Tips To Consider

Always do research and plan in advance. The key to having a budget-friendly trip is by being smart with the planning. If people rush and book tickets last minute, the rates will automatically be higher. Looking up deals before going on a trip can be very helpful, and there are tons of deals on the internet. 

Save Money

If people want to save money and get the best of Kerala, they should avoid staying in resorts. As resorts can be a bit expensive and they don’t want to spend all their money on the accommodation only. There are tons of options for budget-friendly hotels which are pretty comfortable. People in Kerala are friendly also, and it will give a chance to tourists to interact with them. The staff of these hotels will also make sure that you are getting all the facilities. Eating at local restaurants and visiting local villages can also help in planning a budget-friendly trip. And local food is always authentic and good. Interacting with local people will help in knowing the culture and traditions more as Kerala is rich in culture. It’s always fun to explore new things and get out of that comfort zone. 

green trees near body of water under cloudy sky during daytime


Also, try taking public transport as they can save a lot of money. Taking cabs or taxis can be very expensive and sometimes they charge more money from the tourists. So the safer option is public transport only. Water transport is also an option. It’s pretty affordable, adventurous, and fun too. They also save time. Kerala has ferries which can make traveling easy. They are almost everywhere. Why travel by ground when you can do it by water. 

Off-season Travel

Kerala is very beautiful in the offseason too. There are many advantages of going in the offseason. One of them is that there are always huge discounts going on in the offseason. Prices for all the activities and accommodations are reduced. Another benefit can be there is less crowd in the offseason which will help in enjoying the best of Kerala. It’s best in the offseason if people just want to enjoy and stay in peace.

Tourism Department

Kerala department of tourism has accredited some travel agencies which can help in planning the best trip on a low budget. They can tell you about different deals and packages, from which the best and most affordable can be chosen. But inquiring and booking in advance is always a must. It helps in having a carefree vacation. 


Kerala is a must-visit. It has so many breathtaking places which can make people awestruck. It is rich in flora and fauna, which makes this place more appealing. People are always going to find new things here. So. don’t miss out on Kerala because of the budget as there are many good, budget-friendly deals on the internet. If not, doing the research and planning will always come in handy.