All You Need To Know About The Caravan Tourism Policy In Kerala

One of the beautiful states in India is Kerala. It is the most popular for its beautiful destinations like beautiful beaches, green paddy fields, amazing forts, beautiful, cool, and stunning hill station, amazing flora and fauna, beautiful shallow lagoons, and more for tourists. Along with this, Kerala is also famous for its unique tradition and culture. The state is more widely known for the highest literacy rates and clean surroundings. For promoting Kerala tourism, the Kerala government announced caravan tourism. Here is the information that one needs to know about the caravan tourism policy in Kerala.

Caravan Tourism

In Kerala to promote tourism, a stakeholder-friendly caravan tourism policy was introduced on 15 September 2021. This policy comes with two main components which are caravans and caravan parks which promise the safety of tourists. In the first case that is the caravan, the tourists can travel in caravan anywhere in Kerala with customized and specially built vehicles of Bharat stage VI from which one can travel, leisure, and can stay. The other components which are caravan parks is to be built in the public, the private, or joint sector where all the parking and resting facilities are provided for the travelers. It is a very convenient and affordable scheme launched for the welfare of the people. 

Caravan Tourism Benefits 

There are many benefits of the caravan tourism policy in Kerala, and some of the main benefits are as follows.


Caravan tourism will help to promote sustainable growth, benefits for the Kerala local communities, and market for local products. Through this scheme both the tourists and local communities are benefitted where one can get a fresh and good product. It also saves money. On another hand, it is helping the locals to support and boost the local economy.

Ensure Safety

Traveling via the government caravans also ensures the traveler’s safety in Kerala if staying all day or night. There are caravan parks located where one can spend a day or night resting and it’s also a good comfortable and soothing place for people to rest. All the caravan parking sites are in the safe zone within the lively cities, with a hassle-free and stress-free environment. Safety like sufficient security, compound wall, and safety arrangements like a surveillance camera and patrolling for the safety of tourists are arranged for the increased safety of the travelers. 

Eco Friendly 

In the caravan tourism policy, the major feature is eco-friendliness. For the caravan scheme, the Bharat stage VI compliant vehicles are most likely being used for the purpose. By using Bharat stage VI, the emission of carbon monoxide is reduced by thirty percent and NOx by eighty percent, and it also sets limits for hydrocarbon and particulate emissions. Hence, it is also pollution-free and saves energy too. 


The policy of caravan tourism in Kerala has promoted many things in Kerala till now. The best part is that it allows the locals to grow which is much needed in a country like India to stabilize and grow the economy. It’s the best way to experience the beauty of Kerala in different locations. For example, one can visit beautiful beaches, green paddy fields, amazing forts, and many more that are mentioned above. Custom caravan schemes are a great campaign launched by the government of Kerala which focuses on the development of the state along with the development of locals. Take a caravan ride in Kerala and experience the unknown beauty of Kerala.